Round 15 2023 Non Essendon Games and Pie Discussion

genuinely curious, what would happen if a player died after a head high contact, rest of the games for the weekend cancelled?

Possible neck issues, brace being fitted?

At least id reckon

That was a big hit. Would be out for weeks at minimum

This is pretty scary for Cameron. Hope he’s ok. The guys a superstar

They showed a replay before they knew what was going on

Looked really bad

A neck brace is always fitted, as a precautionary measure, it doesn’t mean the worst has happened.

This weekend and then some IMO.

Did the NFL call the weekend off after Hamlins onfield Heart Attack?

Rohan will be feeling like crap right now will bother him all game

i recall the commissioners were trying to ram games back in sooner than everyone wnted.

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Sounds scary… getting Phil Hughes vibes. Hopefully he’s ok

arm movement

Well he is moving.

double whammy, first knock then the ground

Seems responsive thankfully

No way of knowing what would happen. Games still went ahead when Adelaide coach Phil Walsh was murdered by his son.

Replay of the incident shows that Jezza was knocked out before he even hit the ground.

It would just take a lot of time and work to get the players willing and able to play again. While there is always the possibility of an injury, none of them go out thinking they could die and such an incident would certainly shift that perspective. (Even though it has happened)

That would take some time, the players association would be involved and there would have to be considerations for the family of the player.

Perfectly flush on the Jaw then the hit on the ground.

He won’t be playing for a while.

Does Rohan get reported for that, high contact, reckless concussion

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Thank God he hasn’t broken his neck.