Round 15 Non Essendon Games

Not sure exactly who’s playing who but tonight is Melbourne vs Sydney.

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Let’s see how Clayton Oliver takes a Luke Parker elbow to the chin.


Hard to get enthused for another round of football after last week. Very hard.

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Not sure who’s playing? FRANKLIN! is playing.

Chin up, Guvnor.

Contain yourself, turtle neck.

I hope Sydney lose by so many goals they’re deregistered from the competition by half time.

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I also hope they try their grub tactics on Hibberd/Melksham and they both get 14 weeks each for completely justified reasons, but get off on appeal.


I will not have ever barracked so hard for a different team in my life as I will be tonight for Melbourne.

I hope the umpiring is the worst, most blatant umpiring for the Dees that has ever happened in a game.

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You people are weirdos.

I don’t care who wins tonight. Can not gaf


I hope Melbourne win after the siren from a free kick after Oliver takes a dive and then Oliver gets suspended for diving.


Franklin will kick 6+ tonight. Swans by a point.

Lol Paply you pelican

Melks a pelican

■■■■ this feels pretty good.

Bugg is going to be squashed by the MRP.

And lol Sydney with their shyte kicking for goal.

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bugg rocking afilthy 70s discoer vneck

Tom Bugg continues his rapid ascent to biggest flog in the AFL

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Sydney brought their extended bench with them eh??

6 frees to 2, … half a qtr.

There is a K in his name Bruce you moron.