Round 16 Non-Essington Games


Last week i would have got more tips right by not tipping. Wondering if i should bother this week?

It’s a new round and I have a good feeling about your tips. Tip boldly and you will be rewarded.

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I didn’t tip last week and got 0.

@Soulnet hates fun.

That Soulnet sounds like a real jerkhole.

Not away teams for those who forget???

On a side note, why are there no friday night games at the mcg any more?


The tips are like bomberblitz fans. You don’t turn up and perform, you get savaged.

You want away tipz if you miss putting your tipz in? That’s the problem with the club for the last 18 years. You’re all soft.

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What about the one last week?

Seriously don’t give a ■■■■ anymore, last week just drained me completely.


Last week was the first mcg friday night game since round 1, and there is only one more to come. mcg isn’t used on friday nights anymore. Why?

The AFL owns Etihad now?

Brother, sister, girlfriend, best mate, best workmate, ALL PIES. Last two week have been the brownest pants but if we knock this seriously ordinary Collingwood outfit into a North Korean sunset I will be full to the brim. The alternative is unthinkable.

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You poor b astard

Etihad guarantees dry and (hopefully) slick fast Football for the marquee game of the round during Winters depths is why.

Bloodychoir is inside and has a jail “girlfriend”


Because we don’t play anyone on a Friday night at the MCG.

Could Bruce get any closer to Bevo when interviewing him?

What the hell is with the umpires warning players off Johansson?
Must be nice…

The year Wayne Carey’s voice broke.

What’s the story with Scott Thompson, he been injured or just not getting a game?