Round 16 v Collingwood: Game Day Thread

As selected for us.

Scharenberg in for them, Howe out.

It’s raining. Oh boy.

We’re gonna win.
I feel it in my bone.

I, too, would like my team to win today.

I just have no confidence they will today, next week, or next month.

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Non plural form is kinda dirty.

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I feel pretty confident about the result of that Port game in the past though, so there’s that.

I expect us to fold like paper under the wet, like the Essington we all know and love.

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Look out Mrs Wim.

Also, seems like a good day to get banned.

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Us by 27. At some point during the game.


I’m tipping biased commentary.

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Collingwood are going to flog us in a dirty, horrible sh*tty game where it’ll probably be close for most the day until Fasalo pings 3 goals out of his ■■■■ in the last.

Tippa is due for a big one today

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Lots of twirling fingers!

Walking to the ground I’m surprised how wet it is.

We are so boned

How is the crowd looking?

Dropped another 100 on us. FFS


I’m surprised there are any bomber fans here at all after last week. Mid 60s today it’s expect

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Go Essingwood…ah Collendon…Bompies…Magbers.

It just won’t come out.

Dropped is the correct word

Or about four Round six home and away games.
No, really.

Lol at Scotty prediction. Some pelican like scharenberg to come in and kick 3 goals and have 35 touches!