Round 17 2021 Non Essendon Games

insert oh yeah theres a game tonight here



Just realised they’ve copped the Sunday 4pm deadzone with the Klan. ■■■■■■■ lol


Hey that’s our time slot


We didn’t cop it agaisnt north next week ethier! 1.10 slot! But the TIGER ARMY do return to their rightful Friday spot next week.

1:10 is ■■■■ for me, the boy has soccer so I’ll have to multitask. I’d rather 4:40 on Sundays but I’m sure I’m in the minority.

I guess tonight we find out if the dees are cooked or not

Some handy INS for Port.
Fascinating game for mine.
Spewin I’m working as this should be a ripper.

Can Melb move thru this mid year lull ?
Can Port reliably beat a Premiership contender ?

I’m with you. 1:10 the worst slot, particularly if you’re wanting to go (back in the olden days when people actually went to football games). Right in the middle of the day so it’s almost impossible to get anything else done.

Be great to get a look at what we are getting


No surprise JUH is selected ahead of Josh Schachce, who has seriously under whelmed at the Doggies.

Though they did pick Schache ahead of him earlier in the year.
Agree about the serious lack of whelm with Schache now.
Nice comparison for those complaining about 2MP - picks 25 & 40 compared to a future 4th round pick.
I’m sure there were some that were Schache fans at the time.

No Tiger Army, No Tall and Athletic players. Guess I can put the breakfast beers away…

Whatever will you do tonight @scotty21 ?


Port should finish top four, Melbourne really need to win this to have chance to finish top four

Selwood rested for the Cats.

So Carlton get to play the Cats at the G - without Cameron or Selwood…

Hate port but wanna see Melbourne implode

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Dunno how to feel about this game.

Hope there’s some good footy played

I reckon the Dees will win.

I base this on nothing and my knowledge is limited at best.

Oliver is a ripper.

Move over Crippa I think he’s my new fav non Essendon mid.

There’s a game on tonight?