Round 17 vs Box Hill @ Windy Hill, 2:10pm Saturday 12 August 2017


fmd there are some horrendous decisions here.



that was horse ■■■■ mutch had the sit and he was just pushed straight in the back so o meara could kick a goal

■■■■■■■ umps fapping over him him PATHETIC ■■■■■


In the back not a rule anymore


Umpires worship O’Meara ■■■■


Cheating ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■.



Free kick O’meara


Ok, … only 9 points down. Blow you Windy Hill doctor, … blow like a mo fo…


Francis drops far too many marks when he is in prime position for me, and what’s with all the tapping to blokes? If you can take possession of the ball, do it!


11.5.71 trails 12.8.80 at three quarter time.

Wind is worth a fair bit more than 9 points.


I used to love O’Meara. Now he’s a ■■■■.


So do the commentators


Didn’t mind Francis’s two taps there.


On the plus side, apparently O’Meara won’t play the last quarter?


I think it’s a bit hard to judge out there today.

We have been doing a few too many flicks taps and short sharp handballs trying to come out of our back 50 though. Must have said “just kick the fkn thing”, about 10 times that qtr.


his taps have been ok, as if he grabs the ball with opposition standing next to him, tackled straight away


Am I right on thinking that Bags is our emergency??




As long as they don’t assume the wind will do the hard work… win over the top team coming up!


i expect at least two absolutely terrible dinky frees to box hill but we should run way with it with the wind


Ump saw that fifty for running through the mark. Would have given us a goal. Cheat.