Round 17

At what point will Hawthorn lead by 10 goals tonight?

Are these games ever as big of a blow out as they are expected? You’d think it’d be 100+ based on form, but I’m sure it’s only going to be a 60-odd margin or something. But, here’s hoping Carlton get spanked.

strange feeling sort of barracking for the ■■■■ and poos.

Is there anyone there… so many empty seats

What a freaking blockbuster.

AFL get everything right at all times, including the schedule.

Disgusting umpiring. So much bias towards the Hawks.

Switched off now.

Wow this game is exhilarating. I can see how Carlisle will boost this Carlton squad…

Can hear Barkers future evaporating

You how sometimes a good side can be brought down to a poor side’s level?

That doesn’t appear to be happening on this occasion.

Yikes. Just checked the score.

Real Madrid scoring more goals than Carlscum

Essington mode activated.

How many goals are we all thinking Carlton will get?

Also what spread will Hawks put on after the game this week? Hotdogs were last week…

that umpiring is disgusting.

Simpson you potatoe, so brave

Hawks are getting a fair rub. But TBH Carlton are turning it over more than Essington

Wow this game is exhilarating. I can see how Carlisle will boost this Carlton squad.....

If he actually was even considering going there, even for a cool mill a year, … watching this, & the memory of round 2 will bury it so deep, he’ll wipe any memory of doing so from his being forever…

At the game with mr BM, it is excruciating . So boring. They are worse than witches hats. Umps love hawks. I need another drink to get though the next half. Mr BM ready to throw himself off level 3

Real Madrid leading Fark Carlton 3-2 at the half

Hawks 21 free kicks at half time. What a fucken joke