Round 18 2019 Non Essendon games - It may or may not be ok for Collingwood and Richmond to win

Big weekend not just for us but If results do go our way we could be 6th or 5th.

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Some decent games tomorrow.
I’m just gonna lay on the couch and sh*tpost on Blitz…


You missed the slash

Surprised you didn’t go with the thread title:

Round 18 2019 - the week 2MP returns to the AFL!!!

2MP knows I care


Dees West Coast in Melbourne. How are the eagles on the road and will be minus Nic Nat.
Freos effort against the Swans will give us some learnings, same with the power on the road.

Brisbane to use our template against North?

In Alice though innit

Dees v Eagles in Alice Springs

Might go to the Swans game.

You disgust me


I’m sure he’ll get up for that occasionally.

Really? Ah bugger

@diggers blitz resident opposition scout. :wink:

Who from Fremantle could Essendon possibly want?



Rumours of Brad Hill wanting to return to Victoria. Has tatts and can kick, though.

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So Collingwood then?


I was thinking more about how they play.

Analyst perhaps?

Yep. Line through with attributes.

I can tell you how they’re going from here. Like sh*t.