Round 18 Non Essendon Games

Tonight’s should be a cracker.

Who do we need to do us favours?

Oh wow another prime time geelong game. Getting sick of looking at Brad Scott’s face.

Odds on Channel 7 doing a half time feature on Dangerfield? $1.05?


Adelaide is unbearable when these farkers win.
Please let Geelong smash the carnts

Probably a big tear-jerker about him coming home to see his old Nan.

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Have to go cats due to the feral Adeladians

Why is the field white

They’re racist.

Looks like a big flannel shirt.

So Adelaide.

Not sure it’s fair to blame the Crows


What a goal

Awesome kick

Geelong are rubbish this quarter

what i really hate about australian commentators is they have this pathological need to fill ‘dead air’ so you get phrases all the time that they use to fill space, ‘tuohy we know hes a good kick’ just say tuohy you hasbeen…


“Probably should’ve taken the mark”
Story of Rhys Stanley’s career


Always be talking

step 1: talk
step2: don’t not talk

Doesn’t matter if is inaccurate, irrelevant or irrational, just talk.

love watching Chris Scott when Geelong is losing.


Bruce McAveney could learn alot from Bennett. Which is disgraceful considering Bruce’s experience and time in the game.