Round 19 2019 Non Essendon Games - Massive Ramifications

Getting in for an early build up this week as there are 3 maybe even 4 massive games that will directly affect where we end up at seasons end.


And maybe even Eagles/North

Richmond and Collingwood is a win win. The losers spot is well and truely up for grabs.

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We’ll be fifth after this round.

I base this on nothing, but bookmark this post.


‘Massive Ramifications’ sounds like the name of the worst pub cover band ever


It’s a pr0n, I believe.


They could get a gig at The Royal.

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Funny this time last year Collingwood played Richmond, it was sold out weeks in advance, hyped up as the biggest rivalry in world sport between the 2 most supported teams by far in Australia, could have fit 200k in the stadium if the MCG had the capacity they told us.

Fast forward 12 months and both teams are playing again in similar circumstances with top 4 on the line and its not sold out and half the top deck will be open to walk up general admission.

Prob still get 80k but after all and sundry told us how enormous these 2 are and the rivalry I thought it would have sold out well and truly already and tickets would be gold dust?? Novelty worn off already?


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Collingwood fans know they are gonna get rinsed.


I’m tipping a back to the wall Pies win.

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Hawthorn beating Brisbane and Port beating GWS will get us step closer to top four, both these teams losing will guarantee a final 8 spot…win…win


Just like last weekend Collingwoods bunch of front running pelicans like Crisp, Aish, Maynard, Sier and Phillips will be exposed. Cox will prove again he is a ■■■■■■■ spoon.

Magnificent thread title there Scotty.
So true.

I hope from now on, you will place similar effort into all your titles.
Good job :+1:

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I’m posting my tips in here, in addition to the ROAD TO THE FINALS thread, because I’m an egomaniac…


Well, at least ONE team chose to score over 100…


Yer, but it should be over 150.

Stooopid Essington :-1:t3:


Squiggle works out the final scores after inputting the margin.
For the most part, I agree with those scores, except the Port/Giants game.
I suspect GWS will score more than 10 goals, but I have a strong feeling that Port will keep their season alive.
They may have to break the 100 themselves to ensure a win in this one.
I think they can.

Today’s forecast is for 2 to 6 mm of rain on Friday, so conditions for Collingwood vs Richmond could be unpleasant & greasy.
Note I am NOT referring to their supporters.

Could suit Richmond more, but equally Buckley may opt for an ultra defensive wet weather game plan.


Isn’t that FC fans?

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I really wish I knew how to bookmark a post.