Round 19 vs Geelong @ Kardinia Park, 1pm Sunday 27 August 2017

Yes, it is basically at the same time as the AFL game…

B: 49. M. Dea, 28. M. Brown, 10. A. Francis
HB: 39. H. Hocking, 50. J. Ferry, 5. B. Stanton
C: 57. N. Hind, 30. K. Langford, 19. K. Mutch
HF: 27. M. Redman, 44. S. McKernan, 54. N. O’Brien
F: 37. D. Clarke, 63. M. Darby, 56. J. Peters

R: 38. S. Draper, 24. C. Bird, 40. B. Howlett

Int: 64. C. Lill, 62. M. Luxford, 65. B. Graham, 59. A. Heppell, 68. E. Ogden, 77. N. Holmes, 70. A. Carr, 25. A. Morgan, 69. A. Marklew, 55. D. Younan, 71. J. Cornell, 14. J. Ridley

23P: 72. J. Ottavi

In: E. Ogden, J. Cornell, S. McKernan, A. Carr, A. Francis, J. Ferry, N. Holmes, C. Bird, B. Howlett, A. Marklew

Out: J. Long, A. Boyse



B: 39. Z. Guthrie, 30. T. House, 15. M. Hayball
HB: 42. M. O’Connor, 40. J. Thurlow, 36. T. Ruggles
C: 50. D. Capiron, 65. S. McLachlan, 31. J. Cunico
HF: 41. J. Jones, 63. S. Dobson, 37. S. Simpson
F: 38. J. Henry, 23. A. Black, 20. R. Gardner

R: 45. R. Abbott, 64. T. Atkins, 11. D. Lang

Int: 57. J. Guthrie, 60. J. Blood, 53. J. Thompson, 52. A. Hickey, 78. M. Patten, 58. B. Moloney, 56. B. Reid, 74. J. Gow

23P: 72. T. McMullan

In: J. Thurlow, J. Jones, T. House, S. Simpson, Z. Guthrie, B. Moloney, J. Thompson

Out: C. Mitchell, J. Edwards, L. Webb

Probably confirms that Watson and Colyer will be the ins for the 1’s, seeing as the other 3 '“ins” are all named here


Boyse out is big loss for us.


Hocking and McKernan and Langford are also named in the senior team.

Watson and Colyer, the other nominal inclusions, are not listed here.

EDIT: damnit, aboods!

In McKernan, Francis, Ferry, and (maybe) Marklew. We’ll survive.


HAMS in for Box Hill. That cancels out the loss of O’Meara.


Hope Francis ends the season well

Yeah, dual premierships would be awesome.


Dropped, rested o injured?

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Reckon Franga will beast mode this game

I have been a bit worried about Mutch. He gets a lot of the ball but his disposal has not been so good.
He is supposed to be OK off both feet. Hmm. Yet Clark, who is not getting a lot of the ball as a forward has improved his disposal quite a bit. Theres no doubt Mutch is ahead of Clark, but disposal is very important and really Ridley should be the next of the 2016 draftees called up to the AFL. His disposal is really good.

Hopefully we get to see a replay of the game against Geelong.

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Yes Mutch often kicks high and loopy to nobody in particular whereas Ridley picks out a target and generally nails it. They are both coming along well but Ridley seems to have picked up a bit of confidence in the last couple of weeks.


Ridley has serious potential to be awesome.


Ridley rarely has to kick under as much pressure as Mutch, though… did Dodoro say he could move into the midfield?

While last week threw a spanner into the usually reliable works, here’s the local releases info: Carr, Cornell, Lill, Graham, Ogden, Holmes, and Marklew are the ones likely not to play.

That leaves one AFL player to come out, as legit emergency.

Dodoro said that when he was drafted, and in his last two years at U18 level he spent time in the midfield (as well as up forward and down back).

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How long is it since we have drafted a player the Dodoro hasn’t labeled as having potential as a midfielder?

Hartley and Brown are they only ones I can think of in the last 4 years out of the 30 or so players drafted.

Leuey, Draper and Thurlow too if you don’t count rucks as midfielders, Gach got the potential midfield guernsey with his speed.

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Lol gach, completely forgot about him. I remember watching him lumber around punt road like a cripple. Honestly didn’t understand the hype around his ‘speed’ and ‘agility’

Midfield numbers are key in the modern game,… so blokes with “potential” to go through there, will make up a very large %age of all picks these days.

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