Round 19


bit late diggers get your act together.

I just got in.

Boyddddd! To kick 4

This season?

Boyd X 1



Loving the goals to behinds ratio. Footascray 5:1

Interesting game

Holding the ball. The rule that gets awarded to home teams only.

Boyd X 2

Boyd should ask the Dogs for a pay rise

This umpiring is absolutely pathetic! Can’t remember a game where it was even half decent, really.

Can’t believe they haven’t cut to the box yet to see Bevo tear up #putyourfootyoutforLibba

For all their dominance and ferocity the Dogs failed to score and the Cats made them pay.

Can't believe they haven't cut to the box yet to see Bevo tear up #putyourfootyoutforLibba
I had to read that twice. I was thinking "who is tearing up a cut up box?"

Rhys Stanley just gave away a free kick on the Dempsey rule of looking a bit rough.

Dogs forward line entries are essington like

Wonder what it’s like for your team to win a milestone game