Round 2 2022 Non Essendon Games - Now Featuring Chinese Food

Oh yeah there’s a game tonight.

Weagles getting savaged by covid again

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Going to be better than Saturday arvo

■■■■ Carlton.

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I will be gutted in FarkCarlton manage to win this.

I want to watch meltdowns on BlueAbroad. Not cheerfulness.


Carlton, even at their worst, have often given the Bulldogs plenty of headaches. I expect the same tonight.

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I think I hate Carlton more than I like Essendon.


Guys. Shut up. The Footy’s on the radioooooooooooooooo

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Yeah, I think I’m 2019 or so they beat the Doggies twice in the season.

I said shut up

Come here and make me.

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Does anyone on this forum really like Essendon?

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Get back in your lane Carlton you bunch of ■■■■■.




Carlton have arrived

That play made me feel physically ill.

Umps relaxing on paying 50 when a player on the mark moves after being told to stand.

Teams should be aware of the handball out of the middle to that running player :roll_eyes:

Saad the ultimate pelican