Round 20 2023 Non Essendon Games

diamonds vs zimbabwe then storm v eels for me tonight. fk both of the c-word teams

Belt the suitcases out of each other.

15 injuries out of this game please

Wishing an injury on Elliott, and 14 on :snake:, is a bit harsh.

Gee wish we got illegal disposal frees like that.

Weak as ■■■■ then from FC defence. Mihocek marks but misses the set shot kick around the corner.

That’s not a legal disposal :rofl::rofl:. The 2 handed palms down pass.

Well that should have been a Moore 50.

Why is that not 50 against Acres


Is it me or does Howe’s jumper only have one sleeve? Or is one of his arms completely inked?

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I’ve seen better structure in primary school teams than Carlton tonight.

Won’t show the replay…too many hands to be called a mark.

Yeah I’ve seen this one, I don’t like it

Blues tall defenders not competing at the moment

Think he has a basketball background

hope its a blowout, bloos fans getting a little arrogant recently


Gees Collingwood’s field kicking is elite.

I guess that tends to happen when you draft elite footballers.

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We should have taken both Daicoses

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:rofl::rofl: we are so ■■■■ we couldn’t get our hands on another Rioli.

Adams disposal is awful so far.