Round 20 2023 Non Essendon Games

Another 50 :joy:

Blues will be another victim of thinking you have Pies beat only to lose

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Commentators backing FarkCarlton?

Richo got that wrong. Don’t think the 50 was for decent, it was because ump told them to clear out from mark and they didn’t

I was hoping for a 100 point belting

Carlton well and truly up for it.

Good game/finish unfolding.

Chalk down another come from behind win for Pies

Me too.

■■■■■■■ hate this navy scum

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We should know by now the Klan wait until they are behind at 3QT.

Pretty tame intensity c/w the Coll/Port last week

That was a level above tonight, yes, but still been quite good tonight… so far.

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Curnow didnt get a free im shocked to be sitting here

He should be no where near winning the coleman with his two hauls of 10 against WC

umpires are deadset ■■■■■■

Umpires not fans of the blues tonight.
Not sure how to feel about that. I want both these shiteful clubs to lose

FFS McCreery

Didn’t we end their finals hopes?

Just f*ck off Carlton

They are getting reamed that’s for sure

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Wish we got this version of collingwood missing everything even from 15m out instead of farking miracle goals from the boundary


That fkn Curnow bobblehead furore has inspired this whole club.

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Umpires doing the scum no favors tonight