Round 20 2023 Non Essendon Games

Umps appear to favour Pies. About 4 to 5 times so far.

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different set of rules for collingflog

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McCreery, Adams, Maynard - all look a bit off tonight.

Edit - De Goey’s influence has been quelled.


6 day turnaround after a very high octane ‘top of the table’ game.

Probably not overly surprising so far.

We would be flat as a tack coming off a similar game. (Yeah, I am laughing as well at the prospect of us playing a top of the table style game)

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That does ring a bell. Thanks.

Didnt miss that time

Pathetic decision

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F*ck Carlton


Well, we did have two back to back 6 day breaks - and showed up accordingly too :joy:

McCreery finally.

Umps are right into pies tonight.

I dont give a rats about these teams but its time someone, anyone took down the pies.

Free kick fest

Anyone but Fark Carlton


Anyone by Carlton.

It would be unbearable to hear about


We get free kicks like Carlflog does…I’ld like to see that.

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A team that has no self doubt is a dangerous team.

Melbourne did. That’s good enough.

Not sure where the prior was there.