Round 20 Non Essendon Games - Help Wanted

Getting in early again as these late season rounds get more ramified.

Help needed from Team Diggers in the Sydney derby, GC and Melbourne.

Seriously though alot of win win situations for us again (of course we need to win). A loss for Footscray at the gabba coupled with a crows win against the saints just about locks in the 8.

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You better ■■■■■■■ help us @Diggers

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After yesterdays effort it feels like the EFC is just playing for worse draft picks.

Id like GWS to slip a peg as we get their 2nd rounder back.

The lolz if GC ■■■■ Collingwood.

No Degoey there aswell.


with @Heffsgirl to lock the lounge room door and keep hubby in the entire game


Did my tips already. Picked gcs and St Kilda.
Need to pick up a few sneaky ones to get to the top

Collingwoods injury list is more cooked than ours especially now with DeGoey out. They’d be bottom 4 if it wasn’t for Grundy

A GC win isn’t out of the question.

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We’ll do our best.

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GC & Adelaide win opens up door for us to finish 6th and play Adelaide in a home final.

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so a win to GWS

Whatever it takes.

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as an aside - and I probably know what the answer is, as you’ve no doubt discussed this already when it happened. Are you 100% invested in Sydney and 0% invested in Essendon?

I like the way Sydney goes about its business. I lost faith in the EFC after what it did to its players. I want them to do well for the players but I don’t have that emotional investment anymore.

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The ol’ all-dickheads-all-the-time policy?

Nah. The keep doing well whilst not endangering their player’s careers or well being policy.

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let’s not do this again.


Giants & Pies runs home
Giants - Swans, Hawks, Dogs, SUns - cant see them losing any
Pies - Suns, Dees, Crows, Ess - should win 3/4

US - Port, Dogs, Freo, Pies we need to win all games to finish ahead of pies. Obviously pies one is crucial

Dogs - Lions (Gabba) Dons Giants Crows
Crows -Saints, Eagles Pies Dogs

they have a tough run home. I actually have saints making the 8 in my predictor.

At the moment looks like a home final vs collingwood.

North and Hawthorn on Friday night.

Might just drink bleach instead.


Collingwood will absolutely smash them. Nothing more sure.

Yep, they fired their shot against us. Back to being a rabble this week.

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