Round 21 2023 Non Essendon Games

Cant wait till Geelong are crap like Richmond reckon Cats are almost there

Tigers heading for extinction.

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No Dusty = No Heart

To be fair to Richmond Footscray are playing the best quarter I’ve seen any team play this season

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Yes! They can Fark off back to the 80’s and 90’s.

Forward handball. Big time

Tiges are allowing the Dogs to do as they please.

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8 goal qrt

This is what i want to see agains West Coast get ruthless dons

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English moved 3 or 4 times after the stand call then

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Well, we faced a stronger Doggies team than Tigers are right now

Lid off! :joy:

Another friday night fizzer.

Can anyone recommend anything to stream on prime or apple?

Would be nice. We need a shot in the arm

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You don’t have Netflix?

Lincoln Lawyer (part 2 of the second season) has just been released.

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Trout wrapped in foil and done like a dinner. I dare say he will not be calling any radio stations after this abysmal effort


We are more than capable how good would it be to sit at Marvel tommorow relaxed all game and just enjoy watching the demolition

Not on at the moment but might pop it on.

Whats lincoln lawyer on? Netflix?

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Dogs turned up like a pack of pit bulls tonight



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