Round 21 - Essendon vs St Kilda @ Etihad (10/8 7:50pm) - anticipation and speculation

Really hope we smash them like we did last year. 10 goals+ would be nice.


That’s ok, I’m sure some other spud will play the best game of their career against us, only to never be seen again.

In . Hartley Clarke leunberger
Out.bellchambers goodard and Heppell (all rested for Richmond game).
Hooker plays forward

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Remember that spud Ken McGregor for the Crows? always played a blinder against us

It’ll be interesting to see how we rebound. Hooker said they haven’t given up hopes of finals but that can be all talk. Saints are going to get a hammering in the media so they could be pretty fired up.

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In Matt Dea without a second’s hesitation, and Guelfi

Out Goddard and McNiece

Would like to see another tall in the team - Hartley (so Hooker can play forward) or Stewart, but don’t this this will happen.


I can predict Blitz future for this game.

  1. Loss - “We’re terrible, gone backwards, SACK WOOSHA”

  2. Close win - “We were so lucky, didn’t deserve to win, we’re terrible, SACK WOOSHA”

  3. Easy win - “We are so uninspiring, we never put teams away, we’re terrible, sack Woosha”

  4. Massive win - “Where was this against Carlton??? Well done Skipworth, this performance is all down to him. Also: what’s Caracella doing next year?”


B: Francis . Z-Thatcher . Dea
HB: McKenna . Hurley . Saad
C: McGrath . Heppell . Merrett
HF: Laverde . Stringer . Fantasia
F: Baguley . Hooker . M-Tipungwuti
Foll: Bellchambers . Langford . Smith
I/C: Colyer . Guelfi . Parish . Zaharakis

Out: Brown, McNiece, Myers and Goddard


They are only running with the two tallish players Battle (193) and Membrey (188). If they don’t make any changes to that structure Hurley, Francis and Dea should be able to cover them and Hooker can go forward.

In Dea, Guelfi
Out McNiece, Colyer

I just know we are going to lose this :frowning:

What happened to Marshall?

Not sure but he wasn’t out there this week.

We have 3 games left this season against St Kilda at Docklands, Richmond at the MCG, and Port Adelaide in Adelaide.

I couldn’t give a flying fug about finals right now. What I care about is those 3 matches.

If we win all 3 we’ll be able to look at the season and say that it was pretty positive, all things considered. If we lose all 3 then I will consider it a complete failure. The most likely result is a win this week and two losses to round it off. That would again make the season a failure IMO.

I’m almost beyond caring. So many times this year we have lost games because we didn’t play hard enough. I saw yesterday coming and it duly came. Hawthorn wanted the ball more than we did, purely and simply. They were in possession 47% of the game; we had possession for 36% of it. In the last quarter it was 53% to 25%! They had 30 more contested possessions. Inside 50s were 49 to 39 their way. Those stats all amount to them being harder at it than us. If we had played yesterday as we did against Sydney we would have won. But we didn’t. And we’ve been failing to play at the required intensity in winnable games for 15 years.

We should beat St Kilda. And maybe we will and maybe we won’t.


If we can’t beat down these muppets then we never will, they’re a team full of pockets and flankers that play selfishly and a lot of basic plodders down back. A few talents like Gresham to look out for and Membrey might be a handful if he gets some good delivery but they’re nowhere near us for talent and once they get broken they fall apart quicker than we do or have.

I’ll be decently content with the year if we can win 2 of the last 3. St.Kilda should be an easy enough win (you never know) and beating either Richmond or Port away when they’re keen for finals would be a great result and bolster our interstate record and a boost heading into next year. If we can win 5 from 6 interstate games that’s a good mental hurdle to get over and build on next year and the team expecting wins interstate is a good thing, whilst coming close to Richmond might give our guys some belief that they too aren’t that far away for next year…I’d preferably want to see us do over Saints by 6 goals, give ourselves a close battle against Richmond and throw everything against Port to win. Do that, maybe give a game or two to Clarke/Mutch/Francis in the process and the year won’t be a fail. I also personally would like Myers and Goddard dropped and guys like Guefli and our second string midfielders like Parish/Langford/McGrath given more bounces. I don’t want us to throw it in because we can’t make finals. There’s still a lot to be got from this year, confidence going into the next year is often talked about by premieship teams from the year prior to winning a flag.

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I’m sure you will enjoy it, it’s great!

I’m looking forward to this game because I barrack for Essendon.


I reckon they’ll beat us if we think we can just turn up and get it done

Finishing the year strongly (2 out of 3 wins) will set us up strongly for 2019. The Hawks 2017 season looks a fair bit like our, and like us they ran out of gas trying to catch up after a poor start. However, they rebooted their play style and brought in some new talent.

I was disappointed on the weekend not just because of the loss (they happen, no matter how good you are) but because it felt like a reversion to the bad habits of 2017. Slingshot football, not enough pressure or class at the contest.

That’s what I’ll be watching for this Friday.


Saints Footy


I could never be happy with any season where we lose to the scum…unless we win the flag!!

Lost to the scum and unlikely to make the finals let alone win the flag so the season is not a pass for me.

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