Round 21 Non Essendon Games - ANXIOUS TIMES AHEAD


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I trust the ad for Maccas nuggets satisfies your penchant for fast food ?


Anxiety Level - high.

I really believe we have finally jumped the shark injury wise & we are done.

Needs more classic chicken range.

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Sydney, St Kilda and WC are needed for services to finals. Reckon we would get StK and WC in. Sydney aint beating port in Adelaide.

Port are so inconsistent that nobody would be surprised if they did ■■■■ this one up. Fingers crossed.

GWS v Hawks
Giants will just be hoping to get away with a win here against a capable opponent to keep their Top 4/Home Final hopes alive.
Should win.

Dees v Pies
Melb could win this.
Grundy has an advantage over virtually every ruckman, except Gawn.
Melb’ midfield will at least compete with Collingwood’s.
Dees don’t have DeGoey, Stephenson (who killed them last time) or Cox to worry about.
I smell a possible upset.

Port v Swans
Hope the Swannies have 1 more big performance in them for the season.
Whilst our own Finals hopes are very much still in our own hands, a Port loss here will alleviate some pressure on us fans going into our game later that evening.
Whether we win or lose, a Port stumble is a very good result here.

Lions v Suns
How much % do the Lions want to gain here ?

Cats v Norf
Could the Cats stumble at home ?
North capable, but another Gee loss could be catastrophic to their season.
They won’t falter here, will they ?

Saints v Freo
Pretty interesting game.
The Saints will be praying for the WB & Port to lose the day before.
If those results eventuate, they are back in the game (believe it or not).
Can still sneak into 8th if a number of teams fall over.
They do have the draw to get to 11 wins, but not the % to allow another side to get to 11.
We could become their best ally in the next 2 weeks, and it certainly helps us if they beat Freo.

Tiges v Bloos
Can Carlton stay competitive, and keep the margin under 5 goals ?
A win is out of the question, surely !

WCE v Crows
An Adelaide win is disastrous for us here, whether we win or lose our game.
We want the Eagles to win, and to win very well to knock that % down.
Who knows how important percentage will play out in Rd.23.


Block that prick.


Dees are hopeless and may be competitive but ultimately they never look like winning.

The swans should have beaten GWS and are a real chance against port.

It would not surprise me if North won. Geelong seem really off the boil atm.

I think the saints will get over the line against freo. Freo don’t travel well and I expect that will continue.

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I hope you are right about most of those.
Still think the Dees are a chance, a good chance !

Not that there was any doubt but I know you’re not a closet Melbourne supporter!

Watch a lot of their games because of close family.
They are my son’s 2nd favourite team, so by default they are mine now also.

My cousins and uncles are all dees supporters. It would be fair to say that they have a hate-love relationship with them.

I have a good friend who is a Dees supporter. He decided to make Essendon his second team this year. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for him or to blame him.

They’ll smash Port.

Hardly. We were ordinary, but that was a well oiled football side we saw at docklands. Looking back at Ports poor performances. They have come against some quality opposition and unlike us have hardly dropped their bundle for big 10 goal losses.

We beat the dogs and adelaide lose we are as good as in.

Of course we wont, instead essington it up until round 23.

Perhaps then we somehow beat the filth in a “heroic” effort(cue the filth resting sore players for the finals or going soft), only for us to have our ■■■■ handed to us in the first week of finals.

We all know its coming. May as well lube up and get in position.


2MP dropped this week?

I’m going to be positive. I think Eagles will beat Crows and I also think Swans will beat Port. That game is predicted to be played in the rain (quite heavy too) so it levels it up a bit.

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No that’s Alan Noonan

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Known for his like of Snow, Jeeps and Cheese Platters.