Round 21 non essendon games

Fark Carlton vs Joel Duckwood and friends opens up the round tonight.

Cats will win easy.

Is it wrong I plonked 10 bucks on judd for first goal? He is paying 28 bucks

No genius and no dreamy.

carlton always seem to play well against Geelong. Their speed troubles them or it used to


Hope carlton get pumped by 100 

Yeah, I reckon Carlton are a chance, their soft outside game seems to give Geelong a few problems. Hopefully the cats are switched on.

Lol Sellwood free in first 10 seconds

I know its against the bloos so it might not be a bad thing but freaking hell geelong are well looked after.

Fark Carlscum!!

Justice…woeful decision

Angry Chris Scott is angry

Menzel been to the Lindsay Thomas diving school?

He had a point THAT time.

Menzel played for that.

geelong are just too good

Carlton don’t have the skill level to defeat Geelong with the respective line ups on the ground tonight.

It would take a big game from at least 1 of their mids, and a freak performance from Waite (thinking 6 goals +).

Daisy and Jamison injured, eat a big of dicks

God Daisy has turned into an exceedingly ordinary player.

That was a ripper and fair bump on selwood. But nope free kick.

Chris Scotts bewildered look is amazing.

Jeez Hamish McLachlan is a ■■■■■■.