Round 21 Non-Essington Games

Dogs % now less than 100


He’s a very reportable person, it’s the vibe, it’s mabo

Now all we gotta do is avoid the same fate tomorrow against the best team in the comp.

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Surely the umps will have to balance out the free kick count now.

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Greene is a good enough footballer to not be a ■■■■■■■■. Pity really.

I’d have him in Red & Black in a heartbeat.


They’ve started, really pained them to pay the HTB against BONT

Finish the ■■■■■

I’m just not getting the Hopper love.
Every time I watch him I find his game a little underwhelming. Doesn’t get a lot of the footy.

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  1. To both the commentators and the parrots here: YOU CAN’T MARK A HANDBALL.

  2. Of course it’s reportable. It’s comparable to an unnecessary punch to the head or a kick to the head of a guy trying to get the ball at ground level. If it was a Carlton player the medical report would see him out till the start of 2019.

  3. What a fantastic mark in the goal square to totally own the game.


So when Joe takes a high mark and knees someone in the neck or head its high contact.

Yeah go on ■■■■ the game more

Why all the hate for the dogs? I have far mre hatred for the fake AFL team that has been given every assistance and advantage to succeed. Fk GWS. At least the dogs are a real footy club.

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Dylan Shiel is having an absolute ripper of a game. He is exactly what we need in the midfield, a strong bull that gets his own ball and just takes the game on.


Can’t find a pic of the Long karate kick mark*.

*an actual mark.

Cause it helps us? Could be any team feeling would still be the same

Agree, … and Kelly, … but …

The friend of the umpire is my enemy.


TBH, … if we can’t/don’t get a Cup this year (yeah yeah …) I hope GWS get their AFL mandated success & flag this year, so it’s not an issue when we are a deadset chance next year.


Lewis Young getting pantsed in defence at the moment… Kid will learn, but jeez its ugly.

Frankly, sometimes the AFL should adjudicate:
“We’ve never seen an incident like this before, we don’t want it to happen again, we will narrowly allow it this one time, but in future we want more care taken, so it WILL be a suspension.”