Round 22 Non Essendon Games

Screw Melbourne, Footscray and West Coast.


Does tonight’s match matter for us?

Not really

when does FRANKLIN! play?

yes i’ve been caught up in the fever

This should probably be in the Non-Essendon category rather than Trade & Draft


Oops fat fingers, will edit

Swans win and we could avoid them first week if we make it

Swans win and push into 4 and tigers drop to 5th could work for us.

Don’t want buddy getting many in the Coleman race

Where is diggers?

If swans and port win, could push cats and tigers to 5th and 6th, home final week 1

Do you reckon many people are going to get excited over a Gws flag if it happens?

Both GWS and the suns have been created is just going to pull the heart out of footy. At least Brisbane and Sydney’s flags had relevance for Fitzroy and South fans.

Gws is just a nothing club. No disrespect to those that do follow gws.

I justvthink it’s a right of passage to be ■■■■ for a while. I have some(not a lot) But some respect for those lions and swans supporters that went through a lot of bad football.

It’s like North. Even 40 years later they feel like nothing because of instant success.

With a bit of luck, if we don’t go all the way, we get that Sydney/GWS grand final everyone wanted last year. Financial and PR flop, and the AFL knee-jerk changes the Academy rules afterward.

Ive seen like 5 gambling ads already, ■■■■ off.


95% of gws supporters in any given game are just people who’ve bet on them.

Frenetic start. Could be a cracker.

Hope they smack the living suitcase out of each other.

Buddy seems unable to push anyone in the back no matter how hard he tries!!




don’t you like nafe brown yelling at you to bet?