Round 22 Non Essington Games - Return of 2MP

So go North, GWS and…maybe even Collingwood?

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Yep. More desperate for North to win. If Port lose, it makes it so much easier for us.

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Yep, that will mean we only have to win one to get into the 8, but it would be similarly good and maybe more likely if Adelaide goes down to Collingwood and the Doggies go down to GWS.

Us winning would help a bit too.


So with 2MP coming back in but not Jack Martin, I wonder if Martin has told them he wants out, so they’ve decided not to play him any more.


Sydney and Melbourne on friday night? Why the ■■■■ would anyone think that would be a good idea?

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I see Melbourne are favorites to win tonight.

Can we really trust em not to… you know… not tank?


Lucky to have 20k rock up tonight

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Good luck getting a crowd to this one, YIKES.

Its to cold for the old biddies with thier “go bloods” hand warmies and well Melbourne supporters? What are they?

Too much snow

Wow my guess of 20k was generous. There’s more ■■■■■■■ seagulls than people.

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As if anyone will watch the footy over the cricket tonight

Aliir the lone ruckman.
If only there was some sort of mid season draft period where the Swans could have picked another ruckman


Jason Dunstall has the intelligence of a moldy dish cloth.

Care nothing for this game bar hoping for Gawn domination for my SC team

Ashes will be getting most of my TV time

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17th Vs 15th in a cellar dweller dead rubber.

Terrific Marquee Friday Night Footy match,… yawn

At the SANFL tonight which is a far better option. Perfect weather and ground conditions

My moldy dish cloth takes great offence at this.

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