Round 23 2019 Non Essendon Games

Just about every game can shape the 8.

Sydney va St Kilda - Dead rubber but by all reports buddy in for game 300

North vs Melbourne - Dead rubber infront of 6 people and some sheep in hobart

Geelong vs FC - Geelong need to win for a “home final”

GC vs GWS - A GC win coupled with an Essendon win gets us a home final agaisnt GWS

WC vs Haw - Top 2 for WC and an unlikely finals spot for the hawks

WB vs Adelaide - Basically in elimination final

Richmond vs Brisbane - Home final for Richmond, Top spot for the bears.

Port vs Freo - Even with a crows win earlier in the day a big win for port gets them in.


After we win on Friday 2MP is going to get us a home final


Anything can happen in cut throat Finals, but ideally the main contenders would want to get Richmond AWAY from the MCG at some point in the Finals.

If they are good enough to beat WC or Bris on their home patch, good luck to them, but make them do it.

Therefore, this Rich v Bris game is the biggest Premiership shaper there is to this point.
Bris win and they’ll be hosting Rich or Coll at the GABBA, then resigning the survivor to an Optus Stadium Prelim (quite possibly).
It’s such a huge game, even if we beat the Pies and the Top 4 is locked.

Yep if Richmond don’t get top 2 they may be in trouble. Away in week 1 and in all likely hood week 3.

Richmond vs Brisbane is a huge game. Actually tempted to go along should be a ripper.

I’ll take it from here…


Deeeeeeeeeeaaad Rubbbbbbbbbbber


Is back for his 300THHHHHHHHHHHHH

I believe it is informally known as the J Daniher Cup’ round. Sydney currently have pick 4. He’s already received a down payment of coffee and a couple of muffins. Add pick 4 and the deal is pretty much done.

Ok. That inflammatory and I will desist from further Daniher to Sydney scuttlebutt.

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They don’t need Top 2, they only need to win to prevent Bris finishing 1, then relying on the hot favourites (GEE & WCE) in the 4 to win their games against lower opposition.
If you think Rich are the favourites, or at least equal faves for the Flag, a Geelong v Richmond Qualifying Final at the MCG is the worst possible match up for every other team in the Finals !

Almost wish we were going last on Sunday.

Where’s the other first round pick coming from?

They’ll throw in Papley and upgrade another Pick.
Hypothetically speaking.

I don’t know how they could possibly afford him, but that’s closer to the mark.

Last year Round 18 the Gold Coast Suns knocked off Sydney Swans at the SCG in one of the upsets of the season. Would love the Suns to do the same to Giants at home this week (and of course we win).


Pick 4 plus coffee and a couple of muffs. It’s almost as if the EFC are happy to be rid of him.

Would spew up if Papley exited.

I’m sure that’s what you’re hearing, but established players are worth more than one pick of any sort.
Potential Coleman medalists…well, especially so.
What, we’re going to get rid of Daniher and hope #4 turns out better than Luke Davies-Uniacke?
((■■■■)) pls.

Edit: Stupid censor.

And that still leaves the issue of how you’re paying for him.

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