Round 3 2017 Non Essendon Games

Sydney vs Collingwood
North vs GWS
Richmond vs West Coast
Geelong vs Melbourne
Freo vs Bulldogs
St Kilda vs Brisbane
Gold Coast vs Hawthorn


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Daniel wells playing for Collingwood yet? Hahaha


Not yet. Saving him for Anzac Day where he will win the medal then injure himself at training two days later and never play again.


It looks like a straight forward round for tipping…

Daniel Wells win a Brownlow medal yet? Hahaha

reckon Brisbane might beat St Kilda

I think Rich v WC will be interesting

Agreed, toss of the coin in tipping

Considering you won the tips last year. WC then?


How many car buddy crash into tonight ?

Sounded like Wayne Carey was doing Grade 1 show and tell on Buddy Franklin.

That being said because they are playing the ■■■■■ I hope he kicks ten

I hate you both.

Sydney slightly less so.

If you are prepared to tune in before the ball is bounced, and also not have the TV muted, you deserve what you fkn get.

Coming in here to whinge about it, is like hitting yourself on purpose with a hammer, then running around ■■■■■■■■ because it hurt.

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lol @ Bucks feeding some kid to buddy

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New movie being produced in Sydney, :“The Possession Game”: directed by Bucks. with stars in cameo roles. Sure to be a box office flop.

Love it, Bruce it still talking about Jesse White looking set for a “break out” year.

That’s about his eighth in a row.