Round 3 Non Essendon Games

He’s back when they’re back at Carrara with the trumpet guy behind the goals.


This should be a poll.

Lesser of two evils is?

  • ■■■■ Carlton
  • Filth

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I was wondering why so many people picked carlton, then I read the poll question again

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Better to have the filth win a game before ANZAC day.

Im enjoying the fact that this seasons “thing” in non Essendon games threads is loudly shouted maccas products

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Careful who you vote for i turner visibility on for a reason :smiley:

Agreed, … and especially over one of their other trad rivals.

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Legit my hatred for those navy blue ■■■■ stains is a whole different level. I legit get as feral as a collingwood supporter whos newstart just got cut off at ■■■■ carlton games. Hope Collingwood turn them over by 20 goals.

Im the perfect age to be caring a huge scar from 99 and will never forget the way those bottom feeding ■■■■■ carried on about it and still do. Get utterly ■■■■■■ you putrid ■■■■■.

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When both teams are mid table or flying I dislike carlton the most.

When both are struggling I dislike Collingwood more.

I want Collingwood to get turned over tonight big time.


Why is that a thing? What did I miss because i’ve been struggling to understand the point of that

It will break Eddie if he has to sack Bucks

Blues loss this week, Crows loss in Adelaide next week and then Anzac Day…

If they are 0-5 they aren’t playing finals


Some cracker games. gws v syd will be red hot.

same with rich v haw

i like the suns over freo. non ess games im actually interested in watching.

ill tune into bucks presser when his side loses to carlton :rofl:

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If Buckley goes Ed has too as well.

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I agree, but he’ll never quit, someone will have to depose him. I can almost guarantee in his mind the problem is with the recruiters, or the medical staff, or just straight up the players. At the very last minute he might switch blame to Buckley, but even then it won’t be Eddie’s fault, Buckley put his hand up when he wasn’t ready, and then Malthouse betrayed them all. Eddie didn’t make any mistakes, he was let down by those around him. He was on massive painkillers. He was just having some harmless banter. Eddie’s a star.


I hope pies win tonight by 20 goals.

I’m not going to get into one of my fark carlton rants again but I wish I read that question better

Shut the front door.

The game is being played in perth despite it being a suns home game. Can’t see the suns beating them there

I hope that trumpet made it through customs in Perth, with its owner.

■■■■ Carlton