Round 3 vs Werribee at Arden Street - 2pm Saturday 29th April

Mega extended bench


B: 46. M. Taylor, 26. D. Nielson, 3. M. Sodomaco

HB: 35. D. Watson, 22. S. Durdin, 12. R. Barrack

C: 37. W. Fordham, 11. M. Hanson, 39. M. Hibberd

HF: 41. C. Wagner, 44. C. Zurhaar, 42. D. Mountford

F: 2. M. Munro, 40. N. Larkey, 78. L. Thomas

R: 31. B. Preuss, 9. A. Swallow, 13. R. Clarke

Int: 36. J. Williams, 7. D. McFarlane, 4. T. Gribble, 48. N. Meredith, 20. J. Robinson, 5. J. Jones, 18. J. Cleeland, 30. K. Galloway

23P: 56. M. Augerinos

In: C. Wagner, A. Swallow, J. Robinson, J. Cleeland, B. Preuss, L. Thomas, M. Hibberd
Out: J. Maishman, J. Anderson, M. Daw


FB: **49.Dea 36.Hartley 45.McKenna**

HB: 25.Morgan 50.Ferry 57. Hind

C: 19.Mutch 39.Hocking 54.O’Brien

HF: 24.Bird 17.Stewart 20.Merrett

FF: 38.Draper 16.Begley 34.Long

Foll: 44.McKernan 23.Myers 30.Langford

I: 51.Boyce 37.Clarke 58.Dobson 27.Redman 55.Younan, 62.Luxford 65.Uysal 74.Madden 77.Holmes

23P: 56. J. Peters


@Riolio I wasn’t allowed to put “Saturday” in the title because it contains the censored word “t.urd” :confused:


That’s rifuckingdiculous.


That’s a ■■■■■■ good VFL side

Any coverage?

Lindsey Thomas and Andrew Swallow playing

Not on 7. Maybe stream or VFL radio?

Like the English town of Scunthorpe

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we got MYERS

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Myers is going to be hoofing em into king st on that ground


Odd that they’ve named players are on the ground in senior team selection. Belly. Howlett. Gleeson all won’t be in VFL side.

Edit. That’s been updated now


Joel Madden: any relation to the big bloke? And is he still a member of Good Charlotte?


Went to put “No title” in the title area of a PM … because of course, you’re not allowed to send one without one … (SO Wut TF already right?) but then ffs, it wouldn’t allow that,… because, it said, … It contains the censored word T,it.

GAGF nanny discourse.

I take it there’s nothing to be done about it, and that’s the way it will remain now, after being like this for this long without adjustment.

Just nuts.

Justin’s son. Came from Coburg VFL.

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Werribee are Turds


Just fold already Werribee.

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They probably will with North getting their own reserves next year

Don’t worry the Bomberblitz medal can no longer have the thread title containing Nobby Clarke given ‘N’ob’ forms part of the name.