Round 4 Non Essendon Match Thread

Richmond getting a favourable run with the umpires…

■■■■ Melbourne are ■■■■. Yet still lead Richmond

(I’m watching on delay)

Melbourne and Richmond fans clearly don’t know to STFU during the bugle pause.

I just dont understand the love for Rance. I can think of a number of KPD I would choose instead of him.

First non-Essendon game I have seen even the first few minutes of this season, but I was a bit taken aback to hear from the commentators (mostly Richo, admittedly) that Rance is "the best defender in the game".

Last time I saw him he was a good athlete and strong in the contest, but not a very smart footballer. Similar things had been said about our own Cale Hooker, I suppose, and he has silenced all the doubters, but is Rance really “the best defender in the game”? Really?

According to the commentators, it’s a toss up between Rance and Mcdonald from melbourne, apparently the latter ‘hasn’t lost a contested mark all year’. 20 minutes later has mark of the week taken over his head and his opponent lining up for fourth shot at goal this qtr.

I’ll take fletch, Hurley, hooker, Hibberd, Baguley, or Carlisle every day of the week. Every day.

That’s a pathetic ‘free’ kick. Absolutely disgusting.

How the ■■■■ is that holding the ball?

If we dont pump these two ■■■■ teams this year I will spew up. Horrible game

If melbourne didnt butcher the ball every third posession they’d bury richmond. This is a putrid game.

Worst quality game in a long time and worst umpired game in a long time.

this is farking hilarious.

the fark is farkery? ■■■■ ■■■■ poo ■■■■ poo

And that’s 3 goals that “best defender in the league” is responsible for

I thought the first qtr wasn’t too bad, but gee this second qtr has been horrid stuff.
At least it’s close I suppose

Was that Alex "best defender to ever play" Rance getting out bodied?

The most overrated in the business.

Different rules tonight. Both terrible teams though.

Bag of dicks Martin

Just me or is dusty a lot smaller this year?
Kinda reminds me of a guy I used to play with who lost a bunch of weight one pre-season
Went from being big & ■■■■, to small & ■■■■

Pretty average to do an ACL in your first game

Fark poor guy looks like he’s done his knee in his first game.