Round 4 vs Port Melbourne @ Frankston Oval - 12pm Saturday 6th May

Yes, it’s our home game.

Yes, it makes no sense.

In: M. Darby, J. Cornell, B. Dobson, A. Carr, T. Bellchambers, B. Stanton, B. Howlett, B. Laguda, A. Marklew
Out: N. Hind (good enough for state squad, but not good enough to make a bench of 12)

B: 27. M. Redman, 50. J. Ferry, 25. A. Morgan
HB: 19. K. Mutch, 36. M. Hartley, 39. H. Hocking
C: 54. N. O’Brien, 23. D. Myers, 37. D. Clarke
HF: 34. J. Long, 17. J. Stewart, 24. C. Bird
F: 20. J. Merrett, 44. S. McKERNAN, 30. K. Langford

R: 2. T. Bellchambers, 5. B. Stanton, 40. B. Howlett

Int: 38. S. Draper, 62. M. Luxford, 70. A. Carr, 16. J. Begley, 58. B. Dobson, 55. D. Younan, 65. O. Uysal, 79. B. Laguda, 51. A. Boyse, 56. J. Peters, 71. J. Cornell, 63. M. Darby

23P: 69. A. Marklew

Port’s team:

In: A. Krakauer, M. Arnot, A. Urban, A. Anastasio, K. Haretuku
Out: R. Nahas

B: 3. L. Tynan, 31. B. Mihocek, 16. D. Viojo-Rainbow
HB: 18. M. Wooffindin, 21. L. Cook, 29. C. Cain
C: 30. B. Murdoch, 10. T. Pinwill, 27. D. Mascitti
HF: 32. B. Pearson, 23. H. Sandilands, 20. S. Dwyer
F: 7. D. Conway, 6. J. Lisle, 19. A. Anastasio

R: 36. L. Waddell, 4. T. O’Sullivan, 35. E. Templeton

Int: 13. T. Gordon, 1. M. Rivett, 22. M. Arnot, 33. C. Kelso, 17. A. Urban, 9. B. Hogan, 2. K. Haretuku, 45. J. O’Brien

23P: 66. A. Krakauer

Has Redman been playing back?


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Are the bowls club using windy hill oval for Tai Chi or some such ?


Say it ain’t so…

It aint so.


Anyone silly enough to do the long drive to Franga… I’ve found it’s easy to get parking in Baxter Street, just a short stroll through parkland to the ground.

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I was going to do it, & yet still might, but it was a definite thing when I thought it was starting at 2 PM.

12 makes it a bit hard, … have to see how things fall into place, … or not.

I’ll be there. I expect a wind affected game with the prevailing wind off the bay blowing this morning.
Unforunately, I don’t do the phone thing, so I’ll just be giving a run down when I get home. I intend to keep a close eye on Draper, Redman, Begley and Morgan today. Not sure who the travelling emergency to Perth is, so possibly Mutch as well.


Wind is indeed off the bay so there will be a distinct advantage on this long narrow ground.

Overcast but not looking rainy.


Oh, … it’s coming mate, don’t worry.

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We solely on the DJRcast today?

It is very dramatic being behind the eastern goals during warmup. With the wind the balls come in very hard. And bounce off the fence two metres behind you.

Needed eyes both sides of the head. Only got whacked once.

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Nothing worse than a hard hall. There should be a law that they all be carpeted I reckon.

We’re kicking with the wind in the first.

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We start doing sideways rubbish. Mutch an early exception.

Stewart gets the first point.


What is Mutch doing there?!

They mark in the square and play on into a Boyce smother. Goal!


Tommy wearing capri sleeves.