Round 5 Non-Essington Games


This McKay pelican has a good set of hands on him


Unless Footscray pull their fingers out Carlton will win this. Carlton are playing. Footscray are watching.


Dogs not started well. Casboult kicks a goal. Blues look on.


Wake up Footscray you ■■■■■■■ Pelicans.


Some FC bloke horribly squibbed that contest in their fwd 50


Cant stand how Carlton play because they are so ■■■■ they play a style that drags teams to their level


Dogs getting smashed in the middell


absolutely belted out in contested clearances


Kreuzer makes a big difference to the way the fark Carlton go about it. Dogs need to wake up here because it’s game on.


Yo Bevo, you might want to put someone on SPS


I’m already having nightmares playing Carlton.

You just know we will allow Carlton to play their best game of the year just like the Dogs are today.


We need Carltank to win one before we play them. You just know when we do it’s going to be pouring rain and windy with them playing a spare in defence with us just bombing it long every time


That has to be one of the worst non-decisions you could ever see. Complete push right in the centre of the back to a Bulldogs player in the 10 metre square and the ump standing side on looking right at it and no call. Shocking and should have the ump dropped for a week.


Amazing how the Dogs won a flag because they are bottom 4 material


Dogs fwd entries are garbage


stringer, dalhaus, hamling, redpath was around i think, pickens gone, boyd is mia

that’s a fair chunk of any good team missing or gone and i’m prolly missing a couple too.


lol what a shank after a brilliant run


I’m wondering if the coaching staff would have learnt their lesson this time always beat us the same way.


Footscray kicking 4:10 for the half is not going to win you many matches.


The biggest test of our season will be playing these scumbaggers