Round 6 2019 non Essendon games

1 day off and then back to it.

Also screw you AFL ANZAC Eve is not a thing.


its getting hard with 11/12 days of nuggs. gotta say.


Dees members have free access to Richmond’s home game on Wednesday, theyd want to pull 70k+ if the weather is decent.

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Hawthorn sending FC down to Tassie lol.

Hopefully the short turnaround can mess with Richmond conditioning until the Bye

Screw Richmond


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Just can’t see how Melb and North turn their form around sufficiently to get over good sides this round, so Rich and Port should notch 4th wins.

Surely Brisbane get back on the winners list in the Q Clash.

St.K v Adel at Marvel is a very interesting fixture.
Can the Saints keep it up ?

The Bulldogs and Sydney desperately need a win, but I doubt they’ll get them.

We know Carlton will be satisfied with a win in Rd.5, thus giving the Hawks another win in Tassie.

Gee v WCE at Kardinia Park should be a cracker on Sunday.

Underwhelming round of matches for mine, apart from us turning the Pies over on Thursday !


If Melbourne get steamrolled will there be a rush of articles “do Melbourne deserve anzac eve?”

So this is where all the cool kids hangout.

Sunday Geelong vs Eagles also has the ‘hope they both smash each other’factor, given we front up against Geelong the week after.

Don’t care who wins, but I hope people start calling the Weagles soft this week to fire them up.

Reckon they’ll get 70k tomorrow night? Melbourne playing appallingly at the moment.

Melbourne could roll Richmond. Would not suprise me at all. Its that kinda year

Have you not seen Melbourne play this year?


Richmond will win by 15 goals without trying

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They’ll be lucky to get that figure. Even with the public holiday on the following day, I don’t think Melburnians turn out in big numbers for midweek games. It would have been better placed in Adelaide imo.

I refuse to call it the “ANZAC eve game” but it does draw a few netrauls in.

Nearly 80k last year wasn’t it?
Richmond home game you would think 70k is a bare minimum

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77k - Melbourne home game.

First-year novelty perhaps, I guess we’ll see if the Melbourne supporter come along.

Maybe the AFL should have the Birds of Tokyo open for this game instead of the one that is supposed to be about commemorating veterans.