Round 6 non Essington Games

mayne back in for the pies, thank ■■■■ he didn’t play last week

Man, I can’t wait for this game tonight.
Should be an absolute cracker.

Thanks AFL :fist_right:

the liam jones cup


Sooo, … Fark Carlton for the Friday Nighter again eh??

Let’s hope the Comms can stay awake even if we don’t … sleeping

WHat an absolute blockbuster. I’ve been thinking about nothing but this all day.


Me too, … thank God I made it home in time for the start …


WIsh they could play this tomorrow night as well.


Haven’t watched any pre game crap all year. Is this interviewing of players as they walk to the toss and then straight after the huddle a new thing tonight? ■■■■ me dead I hate the AFL and mainstream media. ■■■■ is just getting rapidly worse all round. We’re doomed. Boyd’s hair ffs.

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That should have been called play on. It’s been called for less.

So it has been only 28 games (for the Dogs) since the they won a GF and they only have half of their GF winning team playing. That’s a massive change in such a short period.

Suddenly Casboult is a better kick for goal thank Daniher.

How come carlton can afford a goal kicking coach but we cant?

That’s true.

Joe has had a goal kicking coach.

Bruce is senile, yeah?

Did anyone just see that? There were about 6 players going for a high ball and the shortest guy in the game took the leaping mark (Daniel)?

Honestly I think it’s a fair question to ask why every club doesn’t have a goal-kicking coach. It’s bizarre that it’s regarded as a thing you bring someone in to do part time for a specific problem player.

Yep. Goal kicking this year from almost all teams has been abysmal.

Dangerous tackle, not bullshit disposal. ■■■■ this sport.

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Given how we’re travelling at the moment I refuse to pot either of these teams no matter how crap this game gets. With that said, ■■■■ Carlton.

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The blues are garbage. We will get done by them.