Round 6 vs The Tin Rattling Tryhards Moving to Tassie - anticipation

So if we were a normal club, we would smash them, but we are not a normal club…

Who comes in for Stringer?

Will we keep Phillips instead of Tbell?

Is Zaka on thin ice?

Will we ever recognize Norf as a legitimate rival of ours? (the answer to this one is no. they are too irrelevant)


Please smash these tin rattlers

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Surely they’ll be forced to forfeit and we just take the four points?
Shame about missing out on the percentage boost, though.

Zaka is not on thin ice.

His ice has broken, he has sunk to the sea floor and a Bull Elephant Seal is sitting on his head.


If Ziebell, Higgins, and Cunnington are all out, and we get Merrett and McKenna back that’ll be huge for us.


I think Ziebell should be okay to play. He was close this week I think.

Cunnington won’t play. Tarryn Thomas has a concussion so you’d think he’d be in doubt. Higgins would be in doubt too you’d think.


I would go with this.

Saad , Bzt, Francis
Ridley, Hurley, Fantasia
Ham, parish, merrett
Tippa, smack, laverde
Smith, hooker, Townsend
Phillips, McGrath,shiel
Langford, redman McKenna,snelling

In. Merrett McKenna Bzt Francis
Out. Stringer zaka hibberd (unlucky)gleeson (unlucky)

Think hooker would struggle with a full forward that likes to lead out that’s why I picked Bzt has the pace to go with Brown.
Hibberd unlucky but with both merrett and McKenna to come back his misses but will get another crack at some stage.
Francis has been one of our best defenders so comes straight back in.
Hooker up forward gives us a 2nd tall option ( ideally would of liked Stewart but to much of an ask to come straight in after iso with no game under his belt)
Plus with the 2 talls up there it keeps Tarrant and walker accountable so they don’t just sit back on there own taking easy marks.
The only other change maybe young Cahill for either laverde or Townsend


Cunnington listed as back injury

He has been carrying it for a few weeks. Played sore and reinjured. Must be very doubtful to play. Thomas looked like he had broken his neck, it was an ugly looking fall. I was very pleased that he got up and walked away. Definite concussion, l don’t know how bad it was or what the protocol is for him for selection next week.


Nice thread title, it has infused me with confidence.

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Any chance we see the same intensity from the whole team?

What’s happened to Higgins?

Not sure exactly what happened, but in the 4th quarter he was on the bench, having his knee gingerly poked and prodded by the club medical staff. Daisy said it looked like they were checking medial ligaments.

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thread titles have been a highlight this week. The Collingwood game ones have been superb - peak Blitz bestest.



You have brought in 4 players and omitted only 3


We’ll get them back for this next time!

3 losses and counting since


Club ran out of money and couldn’t afford to buy him a jumper and footy boots.


Selection will be the most interesting that it has been for a while. The Stringer injury adds an extra layer to it. The issues they need to address:

  • After his impressive debut, will they keep Phillips in the team as the sole ruckman? They should, if Flip can nullify Grundy’s influence get should be able to cope with Goldstein. Does Bellchambers come back in for support? Would they use the resting ruck as a forward option now with Stringer out?
  • Will they finally drop Zaharakis after his 2 disposal performance on Friday?
  • Is Conor ready to return? Forward or back?
  • Does Francis come straight back in if he is over his back issues? Could depend on…
  • With Stringer out, do they shift Hooker forward? Probably not the week to do so as he will get the task of playing on Ben Brown.

Apparently he didn’t retire, he’s been playing at Norf for 5 years.

I know, right?