Round 7 2021 Non Essendon Games

Footscray vs Richmond
Klan vs GC
Adelaide vs GWS
St Kilda vs Hawthorn
Bin Chickens vs Geelong
Raz vs Joe
North vs Melbourne
West Coast vs Freo

The complete lolz if Klan get dicked by GC at home



Dogs to put Tigers spot in the 8th in jeopardy - a big enough win with a few other good results could see the TIGER ARMY back in 9th, and the balance restored in the Football Force.

Suns to beat the Klan and Figjam Buckley to resign in disgust. Press red to explode Ed’s head.

TEX v TOBES in the first annual world heavyweight battle of the Flogs. Tex will kick 6 and Tobes will get reported.

15th v 16th? Yawn. Saints to continue their trend of “■■■■ one week, less ■■■■ the next” and win an absolutely turgid affair by some boring margin of 3-4 goals. Justin Koschitzke to be confused watching.

Cygnets lose to the Senile Felines. Umpires won’t pay a free kick out of confusion between Selwood ducking and Sydney playing at home.

Raz v Joe. Far as I can tell, the last time they were both on the same field together was 19th April 2019, when we defeated NORF 116 - 58. Raz kicked 4, Joe kicked 2. Since then, the two have not been seen on the same football ground. The universe will not know how to deal with this, and both will end up being medically subbed out. Port will win.

Norf v Melbin - Ah, the irrelevant vs the impostors. Obviously Melbourne win, because nobody does downhill skiing better than Melbourne and its supporters. Could get ugly. Norf’s percentage to drop below 40.

WCE v FREO - FIGHT NIGHT! Been a while since we’ve seen a good old fashioned Derby box-on. I reckon this gets tight. Freo going quietly well, WCE were abysmal last week. Look for the Eagles to try and intimidate the Docker youngsters, and the Docker’s hardman… oh. Eagles by 50.


If GC beat the Pies, you’d almost think that’s the end of Buckley. Immediately.


The challengers keep coming for Richmond. Another undefeated team taking on the reigning premier, then the GF rematch from last year.

Will be immense pressure on West Coast in that Derby game. If they drop that one to their cross-town rivals I don’t know how 6PR talkback will be able to handle the vitriol from upset Eagles fans!

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Hard tipping some of these.

Norf might take the belting of the year this week lol

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Could get 7/7 could get 1/7. Tough week.

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He does not look pleased about it.

I think either of those outcomes are quite unlikely.


Yep, out the door that night if they get dicked by GC

Impossible you might say … :wink:

A bad Covid outbreak in Perth might make it possible

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Ben Brown will play this week.

Kangas the upset of the year brewing.

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Wingard, O’Meara and Burgoyne all out for the Hawks.

Could be 3-4 after tonight. That leaves them with a lot to do to make top 4.