Round 7 Non-Essendon Games

There might be more people on the ground than in the stands at this saints giants game.

Which is why the afl had to buy etihad. While they knew they had to support GWS and the suns they also created the problem of teams hosting them also losing money

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VFL gets bigger crowds

That Carlisle bloke looks alright

Fark the Saints - hope they get their arses handed to them

gay pride

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You know the AFL has done their job right when I’m kinda surprised this thread appears. Didn’t occur to me a game was being played tonight, let alone knowing who was in it.

And I’m posting on a footy forum…

Actually, I still don’t know who’s playing St Kilda.


I feel like this every round.

Good intensity early.

Hate GWS soulless club that’s means nothing.

The fact that this club is guaranteed at winning a flag by while other clubs have to do the hard yards at the bottom is disgusting.


Damn near tipped Saints, … and I’m starting to think I’ll regret not doing so. Looking every bit equal to the task atm.

What genius decided that St Kilda hosting a low drawing interstate team in the games marquee timeslot was a good idea

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Have these chumps actually got whistles tonight??

I reckon it’s a pretty good quality & even contest myself. Enjoying it.


Very strange ump decision a few minutes ago. Saints player (Stevens) clearly sling tackles a HWS player and knocks him out with head smashing the ground. Ump pings the GWS player as holding the ball. Replays show that Stevens will probably be suspended.

What surprises me is it was an obvious sling tackle so with no one between the ump and the situation and not one of the umps picked it?



Yeah not sure what the complaint is, two good teams playing really good footy.

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Edit: Other than some head shaking umpiring, … but that’s par for nowadays.

Has the atmosphere of a Sunday morning trip to the supermarket.