Round 8 - Non Essendon Games

Looking for the usual non-Essendon Thread for Round 8.
Could be subtitled “Coaches Under Pressure”

Richmond vs Geelong - will Scott’s head finally explode?
Norf vs Collingwood- a potential coach killer.
Footscray vs FarkCarlton- will the Teague train come crashing back to earth? Or will Bevo get 1000 more media enquires about not playing JUH?
Melbourne vs Sydney- one of these is a pretender.
The who cares South Australian Derby.
Gold Coast vs St Kilda - an interesting match up of mediocrity.
Bears vs Freo - traditionally a game for an ex Essendon player to star in. Otherwise meh.


Oh look, another Richmond Friday night game.

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Norf v Klan game is the battle for #1 draft pick XD

Norf by 32

It’s not, Collingwood don’t have a first round pick. I don’t know who I want to lose more.

Even better! imagine coming last and not getting #1 hahahah

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Yep. They’re going to struggle to get enough magical fairy dust points to match any bid from another team for Daicos at the end of the year. They’ll have to either trade (more) players out at the end of 2021, or destroy their 2022 draft prospects to make it happen. Ned Guy has left an awesome legacy.


I was just checking out what that pick swap actually was

That is looking so bad right now. Pick 24 and 30 last year for a top 5 maybe top 3 pick in this draft. I know Pies thought any first round pick they had would be swallowed up anyway but damn.

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Pretty average games all round this weekend (at least on paper) for the neutral. Richmond V Geelong probably pick of the lot, and I hope Scott’s head finally does explode.


I don’t know which team I want to lose more tonight; the reasons for my intense dislike of both are many and varied. I suppose a high-scoring draw, full of contentious umpiring decisions and frequent camera shots of the coach’s box would be the best result.


Reckon the Cats will win tonight.


i reckon richmond will belt geelong tbh, i just dont see them as a threat

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Tigers will win and win well

Hope Tigers smash the cats. Can’t stand that sook Chris Snott.




Dusty to kick 6.


From the AFL website: “GEELONG will blood ruckman Esava Ratugolea for his first AFL appearance of the season,”

He’s played at AFL level before. By that logic, every AFL team “blooded” 23 players back in R1.

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At least when i start the thread i put it in the right sub forum!

Do something @theDJR

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