Round 8 v Dorks tickets

Hey umm… so it’s been some time since I bought tickets outside of a membership, firstly, I see most of our games available to purchase tickets for but round 8 v Hawthron is something I can’t find, is there a reason? Do they release tickets in batches e.g round 1-5 ? Any tips when to start looking? Also , is the ticket merchant a reputable website for tickets ?

Possibly those tickets aren’t available because they’re expecting Hawthorn to have relocated to Tasmania by then.


I thought only rounds 1-5 available.

Ok great , probably the cause but I saw Brisbane v West Coast tickets for the same round, hence some confusion.

I think only Rd 1-5 in Melbourne. I’ve been checking daily as we live interstate and have flights booked to come down for ANZAC Day

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Faark the Dorks.

As always… and I want to pay money right now to watch it happen…

Point being have a good mate from Adelaide heading over and we wanna go watch what always happens to be a game call the hawks.

From the :

2022 Ticket On-Sale Dates

Round 6-9 (Incl ANZAC Day)

Tuesday, April 5
9am – MCC Members
1pm – AFL Members
2pm – Club Members

Wednesday, April 6
11am – General Public

Tuesday, April 5
10am – AFL Members
11am – Club Members

Wednesday, April 6
11am – General Public

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That’s awesome , thank you.

And don’t buy tickets from “the ticket merchant” just get them from Ticketmaster when they go on sale

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