Round 9 2023 Non Essendon Games

TIGER ARMY vs Geelong
West Coast vs Gold Coast
Chickens vs Freo
North vs Port
Hawthorn vs Melbourne
■■■■ Carlton vs Footscray
Adelaide vs St Kilda
Klan vs GWS

No Thursday games but 2 on Friday?


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Insert Gill McLachlan F You That’s Why meme

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Tiger army will get pounded and then take it out on us. We can lose to them for the 14th time in a row.


Hawthorn vs Melbourne could get very very very ugly

Dogs better beat fark Carlton

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I’m worried about Tarranto and Hopper they’ll most likely brush our midget mids aways

GC vs WCE could give NM vs St.Kilda a run for the worst game of 2023.

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Would anyone notice if they just didn’t play that game?


I think the WCE fans would prefer that at this point.

Well no body is going to be watching it anyway.

You’d think this one will be a game that Blues win

Will there even be North fans there to boo JHF?

What a horrible round of footy

I’m thinking long and hard about attending that Blues v Dogs game.
Should be really close.

Also prevents me from watching our game, which is a huge bonus.

West vs Gold counts as a match nowadays?

FC Vs Ballbags is so 50/50

Double header Friday is to have less games on Mother’s Day Sunday.

NFI why one if them isn’t Thursday instead. Should be a game every Thursday.

FC Vs BallBags , Adelaide Vs the Aints, yeah you are right it’s a ■■■■ show

Why not ?