Round 9 Non Essendon Games. (Hot and Spicy nuggs review)

They’re ■■■■. Fight me


I haven’t tried them yet. My Friday nights (lately) have been filled with hot & spicy chicken.

Speaking of, is it Friday yet?!

Tried them today. It’s actually ■■■■.

Just doesn’t work on the nuggs

Maybe nuggs are best kept original then.

I get the ulitimate deal - 15 pieces of hot & spicy chicken PLUS 18 nuggets. Perfect!

So much nuggs talk in these round threads it’s like a Pauly Shore convention.

What about Grand bic Mac

do you wanna talk footy then? no?

jog on.


My missus is staying at a friends house on Saturday night so she can watch the royal wedding crap, so I’m gonna go mental on Thai takeaway. Can’t wait.


Never said it wasn’t a good thing!

El Maco or ■■■■ off

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2v1 on the ladder this week and i don’t give a ■■■■

And you get even get 24 normal nuggs for 9.95. Had a zinger for the first time in ages today.

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Also having thai Saturday. Parents are taking me and the soon to be offical “mrs” scotty out for an engagement dinner. Best Thai restaurant ever out in Riddells Creek too.

Maybe of they played for a bucket of nuggs

i reckon you’d get the players on board.

you win you get 24 mcdonalds nuggets ,you lose you get 24 hjs nuggets. no hjs chips.

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KFC nuggs for a flag.

KFC nuggs fill the cup.

NOW THATS MARKETING. Get the Colonel on the phone

I honestly have no idea who 2 and 1 are.

I think Richmond and Box Hill are top of the VFL ladder, though.

EDIT: Looked it up. Never even occurred to me to think of Richmond for the AFL top spot.

KFC popcorn chicken in India a few years back the best nug-related experience I’ve had. We’re super spicy and so diff to how they are at home.

we only get white people hot here.