Round 9 Non Essendon Games. (Hot and Spicy nuggs review)


They don’t do original recipe in India. Not an option.


That’s because it’s not actually chicken…

Gotta hide the taste somehow.


I’ve been smashing chicken curry and fish curry and nhan bread for the past 4 days, you can stick your nuggets up your ■■■■


The only people who eat KFC are stoners, teenagers, or adults with severe cardiac problems


Still better than following any aspect of the AFL that doesn’t involve Essendon.


SMJs too good for kfc. probably eats mad mex.


I’ve got a real carving for KFC thanks to the constant references to nuggs.


I’m in India again and tbh keen on kfc again…


Get the hot n spicy ones scotty has nfi


Legit wasnt aiming for this when i spammed the round 1 thread with 24 CHICKEN NUGGETS. I’m proud


Oh no you didn’t! I started this nuggs trend!


I popularised it


I make the threads!


Stop bickering you two. If it helps, you should know that we all think you’re both laaaaaame, equally


so you were voted the loser to come tell us?


I don’t take any joy^ from having to tell you.

^ - not true


What about a nice, warming, nutritious bowl of home made chicken and vegetable soup ?

Hey…hey, @Barnz @scotty21


is it hot n spicy?


Is your ■■■■ still big BLACK and swollen?


You monster!