Round Whatever it is Non Essington Games (Offical whats for dinner thread)

insert latest maccas offer here


can’t wait to find out what dinner tonight is.


Legit getting KFC.


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Haven’t had KFC in so long


I can barely give a rats about our game each week, let alone any other games.

Going to the RSL for dinner tonight though.

I’ve gone DIY and eating Inghams chicken tenders (southern style) right now.

Dropping Mrs Scotty at work at 6 and swinging by the drive thru on the way home

I’m going to maccas now I can’t be held back.

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Chicken fillet box with an extra fillet and a large chips

A block of cheese


Tenders box upsized with a dinner roll and a small chips to eat on the drive home.

you know they’re only for kids right?

Been gettin the Tegel Chicken burgers from Woolies lately when they are half price. Legit they are just jumbo Maccas chicken nuggets. Delicious

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Bacon and eggs and what’s left of a block of Whittaker’s chocolate.

BBQ chicken pasta bake.

That KFC really hit the spot. Probably going to regret it in a couple of hours though.

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KFC tenders are on another level. Best thing on the standard menu.

Who is sydney playing? I see sydney scarves on the train but no other team.

Try to stay on-topic, please.

(I don’t know the answer. I have been told it via the Crawf+Hirdy podcast, but my brain clearly categorised it as non-essential information.)