Rugby League 2017

So first games only a few weeks away.

Storm look like they have unearthed a few …Brody Croft should be given a chance to take the 6 Jersey now Green is out. Addo-Carr looks a solid Koirobete replacement. Slater and Munster is a hard one. Munster plays…we find him a spot

So, the season is Underway, & my Rabbitohs are battling the Tigers tonight, …
Go Rabbits!!

Expecting a MUCH better showing from you blokes this year.

Go Storm!

Gotta say, … it hasn’t been the most auspicious 1st half for the season, … but jeezuz, … some good rugby, … crunching claret producing tackles, … at least one season highlight try, … and, … wait for it …, a sweet little easy one to bring the Bunnies back into contention.


Soft there Rabbits, … SOFT!

Oh … fark …

Inglis is rooted. WTF is he doing out there still??

Inglis looks overweight

Bit off a blue


Ingliss had a torn ACL … and PLAYED ON with it for 50 mins?

They’ve got to be joking …

The Dragons just towelled up the Panthers in an upset

These 6pm games can go away

QLD derby is a full tilt contest thus far …

And if that’s not Fking fwd, … I’m an Unkeys Munkle.

I’m no NQC fan, … but they’ve just been completely screwed over again.

Intense … going to the Golden.


Setting Thurston up …

Aaaaand, … BANG!!

Sucked in Broncos

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