Rugby Union


They should throw some money at Vlad.


And some knives.


For the life of me I can’t work out what ARU’s focus actually is. Elite pathway development? Grassroots growth? They don’t seem to be doing anything towards anything at the moment.


As much as I can figure. It is covering ones own ■■■


ARU seems to be a bunch of old school ties doing their best to safeguard the game from outsiders.


No one attends the games as it is.

Now there’s going to be a breakaway comp, that no one will attend.


Until this year, my kids had done Auskick. Highly organised and highly subsidised by the AFL. This year my boys moved to play Rugby for a season. Besides loving the actual sport, it has been diabolical. It costs triple the amount of Auskick, the games roster means sometimes we have had to travel 100km for a match and it seems to be a floating fixture rolled out once a month.

They seriously need to poach someone from the AFL


Reckon you’ve nailed it there. And that’s always been the problem. It’s why league formed in the first place. 100 years later and nothing has changed.


But when Rugby is played well, it’s a thrilling spectacle. I love watching 5,6, 10 tackles to defend 1m of turf. Big blokes going at speeds that shouldn’t be possible. It’s a brilliant game. Not that the ARU would recognise it.


I don’t mind watching it, but the way its bene run and Australias massive lack of success in the past 3-4 years hasn’t made it much fun.


Absolutely. And you’re not alone. It’s gone from the national football code to a niche sport. Being the captain of the Wallabies used to be as coveted a position as captain of the Australian cricket side. Long way back from the highs of 1995-2005.


I’m from adelaide, and a rugby guy.

I couldn’t name the current wallabies captain.

Adelaide packed out the oval for Ire v Arg and Aus v Namibia during the World Cup and were duly promised a plethora of international fixtures by the ARU due to their embrace of the game.

3 years after that: Aus B vs Pacific Islands.

That’s it.

Not one cent of World Cup money made it back to the SARU either.

■■■■ the ARU.


To be fair. I am not sure Cheika knows from week to week who the captain is going to be.

On field they need Pocock back. He is their best player and leader. He is a man of the people and a champion bloke. He is the man you want speaking to the public on behalf of the team and promoting the sport.

Off the field they need to start again. They need to scrap the whole management and they need people who understand where Rugby sits now and why it is suffering so much in Australia when it should be booming.

Rugby 7s was the fasting growing sport for female sportspeople after the Olympics. They just let that die off. They have let opportunity after opportunity slip by them. You are right @dingus that the old school ties have too much say and they have missed the way the market moved. They got left behind by assuming that they could get by just on the Wallabies branding.


All Blacks just dismantled South Africa. 57-0. Frightening


Wallabies just got over the Pumas after a typically slow start so belt that up your allblack starfish.


Lol. The old school South Africans have come hard for their team. Isn’t often that everything clicks but that was amazing. Watch the highlights @Diggers. The sort of rugby you want to see.

Aussie team is bipolar but reckon they have something to work with. Better than I thought


Genuinely dislike Gordon Bray. Talking about the inexperience of the Australian team then casually mentions the have 51 more caps than the Blacks


That was the best welcome to country ever.


You dislike Gordon ‘The Voice of Rugby’ Bray?


Despise Bray. Loved that welcome to Australia.