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It hurts Digs. They have been average for so long. Must hurt more though when it is an Aussie that got them there


That E Jones is coach doesn’t bother me. I didn’t mind him when he was in charge of The Wallablies but his time was up when he was removed.


Not Ireland ??


AB… Don’t.



You can be a real jerkhole sometimes.


To be honest, I think it highlights the issue with Cheika. The game plan seems hard work and the effort of the players seems variable. Scotland aren’t good enough to thrash the Wallabies.


The players are prone to switching off. It’s the end of the tour and they probably thought they were good enough to get past Scotland. They should know by now that they’re not good enough to get past any side without playing at 100%. I don’t think Cheika is asking them to do more than they’re capable of however, the question is whether the players are willing to do what their coach asks of them. You get the feeling that the relationship has peaked.


The (justified) red card really killed the game.

Of course you can make a case to say that the team should have found something extra and kept the game as a contest, which we didn’t manage. I think we treated the match with a bit of contempt by starting Moore and some of our defensive play before the red card wasn’t great. Despite all of that we may have won if it weren’t 14 vs. 15, and 13 vs 15 at the end.

Much less annoying than the England game.


I dont mind the attacked mindset from Australia. The teams who trouble the All Blacks tend to have that attacking mindset. You cant beat the kiwis by defending. They are too good and will find a way through. Its why we hate the French. So unpredictable.


I was in Auckland during the ‘99 WC. It was like the whole joint was in mourning after that semi. Nobody expected that.


I totally expected it and totally didn’t expect it. I am an incredibly pessimistic sports fan. It broke my heart though


Khunt covering himself in glory…
. I mean cocaine …


You’d think his RU career is now over after c*cking up twice. League will have him back though.


Suns may take him back


They could use him.


He’ll snag an NRL captaincy somewhere.


I said back in November that Ireland were the form team in world rugby nowadays and got sneered at. Tough titty.

Is no one following the Six Nations ?

Ireland have already won the championship with an unbeaten record. They’re playing England at Twickenham today, St. Patrick’s Day. Particularly after Eddie f***ing Jones’s “scummy Irish” comment, let’s hope they grind the English arseholes into the Twickenham turf.

The match is on at 1:45 am Sunday, EDST.


And Ireland did the Poms like a dog’s dinner. 24-15.

Clean sweep.

Best team in the Northern Hemisphere; the form team in world Rugby.


When I was living in England 15 years ago, Ireland gave me one of my favourite moments there. From memory the public school twats of England were going for the grand slam, but so were the Irish (don’t quote me on that). My Irish housemate and I were the solitary pair around a mostly football loving sharehouse of northern Englishmen. The Paddy’s did them with a try and conversion near the death. The atmosphere in the room was generally sporting but the air got tense as the game wore on and towards the end but within two minutes of the end with only the two of us celebrating, we ushered ourselves out before we got beaten up. Loved rubbing it in and the celebration at the pub wasn’t half bad too. An Aussie and a Paddy sticking it up em.

I’m pretty sure the raging potato played in that game.