Rugby Union


There you go, little Henry… Sár-Éireannach é, is greim an chamáin ar fheabhas aige.

I don’t know why you singled Bundee out though, my little man — he didn’t play in the match.


He was on the bench, but your 3 saffers played.


Wrong again, my little man: he wasn’t on the bench. He was rested for the second match.

And the “three saffers” didn’t all play, either. CJ Stander started; Rob Herring was on the bench; but Quinn Roux wasn’t selected.

I set a sprat to catch a grey mullet — and you took the hook, right on cue.


I was lucky enough to attend the World Cup Quarter Final that Ireland lost to Argentina in 2015. Immediately after the game I went to the Fan zone to watch the Australia-Scotland game. The Irish contingent (several thousand) were universally cheering for a Scotland win. At times the atmosphere was quite unpleasant.

I’m sure that the affection people have for Ireland is well placed, in particular those with genuine roots in Ireland. But make no mistake, it’s not reciprocated as much as many would believe.


“Look again”


Michael.Cheika is the Chris Scott of rugby union coaching


Sam Burgess says hello/goodbye!


Has only turned out for the poms. I’ve got no issue with people plying their trade wherever it takes them, it’s picking which country you represent that rankles.


I’m sure his heart was in it but not the passion he has for the Bunnies but he did make the cut and, as you say, played for the Poms. He is in ripping form now and so are his brothers.


Wallabies right on top at the moment.

NZ have made more mistakes this half than they usually make all year.


Oh gees.


Blood in the water…


16x years…


Have to admit to some nerves at half time.


Why are we so hopeless. Have we run out of private schools or something.


With no end in sight.


They seem to lack the fitness to maintain the game plan. They were out on their feet for most of the second half. I don’t rate Cheika as a coach. Tactically naive and I don’t remember an international team losing so much ball in the set pieces as the Wallabies did yesterday. If you can’t coach a team to get the basics right then you are starting at the wrong place


Development pathways are diluted due to League, Aussie Rules and now soccer competing for players within the footy codes. NZ focus on Union first, second and third. Junior coaches are coached to develop players with a view to All Blacks level and their pathways are designed to achieve that goal.
Plus, the Australian style is too high energy to maintain against top level opponents. NZ kicked away with 25mins to go because (a) they’re better but also (b) we were knackered. We need to be more controlled in our tempo.


Rugby Union has 50-60k registered players in aus.
About the same number as do archery or play baseball.
It’s almost entirely due to league that we’re even competitive, internationally.


Gordon Bray copping it for his describing one of the players haircuts as “like a golliwog”. As if the commentary wasn’t stupid enough. The barracking in the commentary is at new levels.