Rugby Union


Archery. Yipes.
I actually keep forgetting there are domestic franchises


Yep. Rugby Union has been poorly managed for years in Australia.


From memory there are more participants in ballroom dancing than rugby union (not that I’m bagging ballroom dancing).


Rugby had so much promise when the amateur to professional transition took place but it’s been steadily downhill since the early 2000’s.

What went wrong?

I read an article by P Fitzsimmons the other day saying the crowds at club level in Sydney regularly exceed League crowds yet hardly anyone is turning up to Super level games. He speculated that people crave the tribalism that club sides have and that the Super sides haven’t been able to tap into this.

As pointed out above, everything in NZ is geared towards representing the country in rugby.

Australia has been blessed to have had some of the world’s best players represent the country in the past but it might be time to concede that this had more to do with good luck than good management and that the best we can aspire to in future is to be the 2nd best side.


The ABs are going through a golden period but it won’t last forever. Australia needs to throw money and energy into looking term planning and grass roots rugby.


No free to air coverage in Aus hurts the popularity


What a great time the late 90s to early 00s were for rugby in this country. It seemed like every other week John ‘Nobody’ Eales was hoisting a trophy above his head.


The glory days…


True story. My old high school used to play in the 5-Highs cricket competition. IIRC, in 1986 it was held in Brisbane and my mate was billeted with the family of John Eales.


That was uglier than last week. Koroibete could tackle when he played for the Storm. They have killed him.

If Pocock wasn’t playing that would have been a record thrashing. Pocock was the best player in the ground.

I hear whispers that before today’s game, Cheika had 3 games to show something. They better turn up against South Africa. If they lose, Australia drops to number 7 in world rankings.


I didn’t watch it and am surprised they scored at all to be honest.




It’s a sad day when you don’t even turn it on @Diggers


Merge union into league and call it murderball. Keanu reeves can be national teams first captain and Usain Bolt can cut oranges quickly or something.

The decline of union seems like part of a general decline in the overall performance of Australian sporting teams. Rugbys deathknell seems to be mismanagement by god knows who and I think statistically in terms of attendances, junior participation and telly coverage it would be coming 4 th out of all the codes. Someone give me the stats for that. Soccers a bit of a basket case and it’s still more worth watching and that says something.

It used to be awesome when we used to beat he kiwis when the wallabies fell behind cricket, league, Aussie rules and maybe soccer (pre 05 - 06) in terms of a following - it was awesome one night in a pub about 10 or 12 years ago when a kiwi was spouting off in a pub down here about winning the World Cup and I could tell him that I missed it because I was watching us winning the ashes, Mark Webber winning on the broom brooms, little leyton in Wimbledon etc etc etc. it was like “oh was there a rugby World Cup in?”. The look on his sheep interfering face was priceless. if the wallabies won something it was just an added bonus in an immense sense of Australian pride.

Cricket, union, tennis, golf, swimming, hockey and whoever organised them should be flogged. Or at least have Caroline Wilson set upon them.

What the frig.


From this (file:///C:/Users/craig/AppData/Local/Temp/34648_AusPlay_summary_report_accessible_FINAL_updated_211216.pdf) 2016 report:


Rugby union is way down the list (18th). You are 100% correct, management have balls’ed it up completely. No FTA of the super rugby, expensive to play junior rugby with all money flowing upwards. I reckon unless you are a rugby purist, your kids wouldn’t be playing.


Not in tassie anyway. I filled in for the state comp once and ran in two tries. Believe me I’m not bragging. Down here it’s either old boys type, Polynesians or unco uni students. If anyone does pay attention to it it’s generally seen as private school where people say stuff like”well played sir” every time someone sticks their head up someone else’s bottom.

It’s behind curling. Which no one plays down here.


It was at Eden Park. They can hardly get within 20 points of the AB’s in Australia. Adelaide V Carlton would have been a more enjoyable waste of time.



Is Mendoza the best name for a capital city in the world? If not then it’s in the Top 3.


Well, it would be, if BA wasn’t there. I bet no-one can name another city in Argentina.