Rugby Union


fawklands island city


Argentina are formidable. It’s good to see their growth.


Awesome nickname


Union suffers the same plight as basically every sporting code in Australia except Netball atm, poor management


Rugby had poor management before it was cool


Australia down 14- 0 after 5 minutes


I swear the Wallabies have no game plan.


Which suddenly works


Wallabies just keep kicking away possession. And stupid little kicks despite playing at altitude. They need the ball in their hands. I don’t think they are giving the Pumas enough respect.


31- 7 at half time. Going to be some wild rugby in the second half. Cheika very possibly already unemployed.

The defense is giving the Pumas crazy levels of space.

The attack is mostly try to manufacture a try with silly kicks or pushing passes that aren’t there.

Still barely breaking even on their own lineouts. Had months to fix that up and it’s gotten worse.


Apparently safe regardless of result, as is Raelene Castle, … but, outside of those 2, there is supposedly big change afoot after this,


And over for another, … working back into it.


Australia has the talent to win this. Just not sure on the game plan


Folau on the wing is all sorts of wrong


It’s on




That’s why you need Folau coming from behind the line. He injects brilliantly.


Certainly lifted …, . fk, …ANOTHER!

Think they had their half Time BOVRIL!!


Whole different team. Keeping the ball in hand.


Going to be a cracking last 20