Rugby Union


Australia finds the lead


Running away with it now.

Scored 6 tries since I tuned in. I’ll rightly take complete credit for the turnaround.


Surely that was a knock on or forward???


Even Gordon Bray saw that forward pass…


That was a bizarre passage of play


Wallabies been so much better in the second half. Have done everything differently.


Bray defending that is amazing


Who does he think he is, Mario fkn Milano??

Nice forearm jolt,.


The second half comeback hides this team’s significant problems.

And now a binning.

Not enough time for the Pumas you would think.


Australia are actually defending this half.


They do defend once every two games.


The first half was all ego and the second half has been all team.


Aussies have brought way more pressure, … but Arg have been fkn clumsy too.


Australia looked ok in patches today. Just pushed the pass too often and not clinical enough. Also monstered up forward. They look hungrier than previously, just lack of talent/ polish.




That’s no good.


No issue whatsoever. 2nd best team in the world beat the best team. I love Irish rugby.


You’re pretty relaxed about it. That’s 2x losses in 118 years with both losses coming within a few months of eac other. Another loss will require a parliamentary inquiry.


We need some viable competition to ensure international rugby stays interesting. Clearly isn’t going to come from Wallabies. To be honest, I couldn’t begrudge Ireland winning the world cup next year.


Hey!! Bite your fking tongue!

We just beat Italy 26 to 7 my friend, … FKN ITALY!!


Yeah. Just wait until we do over Wal…

Never mind.