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One for you @Diggers. Little different from cheika


Wallabies lose and Cheika blames the referees again. Long may his mediocrity reign.


cheikas not the problem. It’s whoever’s been managing it for the last 20 years and the complete lack of talent, or nourishment of what’s there.
Then again I couldn’t give a stuff about rugby. My opinions not worth a single bum sniff.


Aus will be lucky to get out of the group stage at the 2019 WC at this rate.

On a positive note, the Christian fundamentalist’s try just before half time was a pearler.


Once upon a time the talent pool was that deep you could chuck him for being a homophobe.
Now he’s all they’ve got and he knows he can safely spout off to encourage the next gen to top themselves in shame.


That’s a good point.

Plus he has the support of the “if I’m not offended, it’s not offensive” brigade so he can marginalise pretty much whomever he likes under the guise of freedom of speech.

When his current contract expires, those entrusted with furthering Rugby’s interests will be placed in a tough position. Pay him heaps to remain and be forced to explain why they’re rewarding a homophobe or don’t pay him and potentially lose him overseas or to NRL.

They badly need some talent to come through…


I don’t think the current position is Cheikas fault but he plays an outdated game plan which is predictable. Look what Schmidt has done with Ireland. Australia has more talent than its results reflect.


No it’s not all his fault but he shares some blame.

As you say the game plan is outdated but there are also games where is is not possible to tell what the game plan is as it breaks down completely.


Ugly to watch. Can’t help.


That was an epic choke from Foley last night. Crazy miss from a guy with his skills.


I agree with that reference to choking. Equivalent to missing a goal from 30m on a very slight angle…without having to worry about the ball drop.


Agree but he wasn’t alone. It was an epic choke in general from the Waratahs.


Two cracking tries from the brumbies. Jeez, Banks looks like Latham.


Mark Latham? Poor man, if so.


Folau goes bang again.


Surely this time there will be consequences?


Except it’s a world cup year and he’s their best player.

Problem is he won’t pay lip service either, it will take a sponsor pulling the pin for action.

Folau won’t blink.


Good point. It’s going to be interesting to see how the officials deal with. It seems to be getting a fair bit of traction in the media.


He’s got to go. His isn’t just a difference of opinion, it’s high end intolerance. He has no place representing Australia in anything.


What’s he said this time?